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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Calacatta Laza quartz countertops look installed?

If we appreciate it well we can realize that the same kitchen but now with Calacatta Laza quartz countertops make the kitchen look more luminous and more spacious.. When an existing kitchen that is going to be remodeled we have to keep in mind that in the process of installing the new countertops it is necessary to remove the old countertops.

What kind of marble is a Calacatta Laza?

Description: Calacatta Laza is a classic in modern housing due to its elegance and simplicity. It closely resembles natural marble with soft brown veining all over milky white background. It’s veining gives it a dramatic movement which makes any room come to life.

Do you know that MSI makes quartz countertops?

MSI makes no claim that the product was purchased from MSI or that these images accurately match or represent the presented product. MSI encourages you to order samples of the products you are interested in. View My Favorites.

What kind of waterfall does Calacatta Laza have?

Thanks to its dramatic movement, milky white background and realistic soft brown veining, Calacatta-Laza is a natural choice for waterfall islands, refreshing small spaces, and delighting the eye in both classic and modern environments.

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