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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of quartz is used in MSI countertops?

Q Premium Natural Quartz works well with countless other MSI products, whether you’re going for an uber-modern vibe or one that’s grounded in tradition. So, be our guest; click the Q colors below for curated combinations that bring your vision to life.

Which is the best quartz countertop to buy?

LumaLuxe — a Q™ Quartz collection exclusive to MSI — creates today’s most beautifully natural quartz countertop by enhancing how light interacts with your countertop surface and pushing the boundaries of realism.

Where can I buy MSI countertops in California?

MSI products must be purchased through our network of dealers and retailers. Parents and Guardians are responsible for their children’s conduct at all times.

What kind of tile does MSI Los Angeles use?

MSI Los Angeles is home to a well-lit climate-controlled state of the art flooring and wall tile showroom, distribution center, slab selection showroom, and hardscaping showroom. Our Sun Valley showroom features hundreds of colors of quartz, granite, marble and, other natural stone slab countertops available for all of your project needs.

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