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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make MSN my Homepage on my computer?

Simple Method. The simplest method to make MSN your home page is to visit The big Make MSN my homepage button will initiate an installation onto your computer from the Microsoft website. Once the download is complete you will be presented with a selection of prompts. Follow the prompts and MSN will become your homepage.

What is MSN News website?

MSN is a Microsoft Web portal. Meaning it is a website that functions as an access point to a wide array of Microsoft's online services and resources. On the service side, for example, there is MSN e-mail and MSN Messenger. On the feature side, for example, there is MSN Search (now known as "Bing"), MSNBC News and MSN Money.

What is MSN Search Engine?

MSN Search: a brief history of the MSN search engine. MSN Search is a service offered as part of the Microsoft network of web services, although it only developed its own search index at the start of 2005. Prior to this, MSN Search used to display search results from our services, most notably Inktomi, which was the leading 'white label' search...

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