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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the multinational CIMIC Group?

Multinational CIMIC Group is the NATO CIMIC specialized unit, projected for the civil-military cooperation at a tactical and operational level.

Who is the parent company of CIMIC Group?

CIMIC Group Limited (formerly known as Leighton Holdings prior to April 2015) is a international contractor.

What does CIMIC stand for in Business category?

CIMIC stands for Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concessions. Founded in 1949 by Stanley Leighton, Leighton Holdings was first listed on the Melbourne Stock Exchange in 1962.

What is the purpose of a CIMIC unit?

Its main mission is to support SAF Force Command (including its subordinate units) in the field of civil-military interaction and to appoint CIMIC personnel to NATO forces such as the eNRF.

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