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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Multiplex Construction Company do their work?

Multiplex is a leading international construction contractor headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Operating in Australia, India, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, the company specialises in high rise buildings, stadia, high end residential, mixed use, education, health and civil infrastructure.

When did multiplex go out of business in Australia?

The company closed its sites in late March 2020, after lockdown was introduced. The group employs approximately 1,584 people in Australia, 900 in Europe, 4,081 in the Middle East and 120 in Canada.

When did multiplex change its name to Brookfield?

The company rebranded to its original name of Multiplex in 2016, while still remaining a Brookfield company. In 2020, Multiplex made a pre-tax loss of £158.6m.

When did multiplex listed on the Stock Exchange?

In December 2003, it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with the code of MXG, raising a total of A$ 1.2 billion. Multiplex announced in late November 2006 that it planned to create a European real-estate fund to increase profits.

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