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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Freightliner the best truck service company?

At Freightliner, we’re focused on your uptime, with hundreds of meticulously prepared service centers across North America, staffed by trained experts in both vehicle and customer service. Smart Source App, Stay Connected. Knowledge is power.

What kind of transmission does a Freightliner truck use?

The Detroit ® DT12 ® On-Highway Series of automated manual transmissions offers a trio of purpose-built solutions for cutting-edge performance and enhanced fuel efficiency, including the all-new DT12-HE for maximum fuel efficiency.

What kind of truck is the Freightliner EM2?

Freightliner electric trucks like the eCascadia and eM2 are on North American roads today, driven by dozens of customers, enduring the rigors of real-world operation, day in and day out. Click below to learn more. Build Your Cascadia Today.

What makes a Cascadia truck a Freightliner truck?

Build Your Cascadia Today. Superior components, innovative technology and unsurpassed driver comfort are just some of what makes Cascadia a class leader in fuel efficiency and reliability. Build Your M2 106 Today. Exceptional productivity. Best-in-class visibility. Unrivaled versatility.

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