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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Murray's Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis located?

Murray’s in downtown Minneapolis is rated at the TOP of our list…” Located in the heart of downtown! You’ll spot us by our iconic sign. Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail crafted from local spirits or a nationally acclaimed steak, we welcome you.

What does Murray's Steakhouse look and feel like?

Murray's looks and feels like an old steakhouse, so if you're looking for a more modern dining experience, that may turn you off. Also, there was a guy who was a bus boy and filling up water making his rounds every couple of minutes. After we had been there a half hour, he had refilled my water glass about 7 times.

Which is the Best Steak House in Minneapolis?

We had picked out a Daou Cabernet prior to dining, which they were was unfortunately out of stock, our waitress recommended another Cabernet, which was excellent. Murray’s offered a free desert, due to my birthday, we were fully satisfied and declined. Best steak house in Minneapolis.

When was the last time I ate at Murray's?

We had only dined at Murray’s for lunch previously. The staff were very professional considering Covid, this was virtually our first dining experience since the onset of the pandemic. It was my birthday and we had a delightful dinner.

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