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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are served at Murray's Steakhouse in Minneapolis?

Served with a choice of Murray’s French onion soup or Murray’s Caesar salad and choice of baked potato, mashed, au gratin or seasonal vegetable Weekdays until 6pm! Maker’s 46 bourbon, muddled orange, cherry, sugar, splash of soda.

Where are the best steakhouses in the Twin Cities?

9 Essential Twin Cities Steakhouses. 1 1. Burch Steak. 1933 Colfax Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55403. 2 2. P.S. Steak. 3 3. The Capital Grille. 4 4. Murray's. 5 5. Manny's Steakhouse. More items

When was the last time I ate at Murray's?

We had only dined at Murray’s for lunch previously. The staff were very professional considering Covid, this was virtually our first dining experience since the onset of the pandemic. It was my birthday and we had a delightful dinner.

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