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Frequently Asked Questions

How is music and art similar?

Music and art share similar principles such as pattern, rhythm, balance and emphasis. Let's take rhythm for example. Rhythm in music is something you can tap your feet to. It tells you how to sway with the music. Rhythm affects art in a similar manner.

Is music the greatest artform?

It is definitely one of the greatest benefits of music. That is what makes it the most important art form. In other words, it applies to everybody and doesn't require a translation. Music is tightly associated with dancing. You can't dance without music.

What are some examples of art songs?

A group of art songs all connected by a single musical idea is called a song cycle (Liederkreis or Liederzyklus in German). Examples of song cycles include "Cypress Trees" by Antonin Dvorak and "Les nuits d'été" by Hector Berlioz.

Where is Music Arts located?

Music & Arts has served students, teachers, and families through retail stores and school representatives since 1952. Based in Frederick, Maryland, the company specializes in sales and rentals of musical instruments, instrument repairs, and music lessons, with a special focus on the beginning and intermediate musician.

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