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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song ID?

(2015) "ID" (alternatively ID (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)) is a song by Norwegian DJ and record producer Kygo. The song was released on 10 February 2015 and reached number 31 on the Norwegian Singles Chart. "ID" was also included on the FIFA 16 soundtrack. It was the official anthem of the 2015 Ultra Music Festival.

What app identifies music?

TrackID is a music identifier, and song recognition app from Sony. The music recognition app is developed by Sony, and powered by Gracenote, and it works very well. It can recognize music playing around you fast enough, and give you the results.

How do you identify a song?

Identify Song by singing it to the App/Service. This is probably the most convenient option to identify a song. All you need to do is sing the lyrics of the song in front of your PC microphone, and the tool will identify the song. If you don’t know the exact lyrics, you can also just hum or whistle the song.

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