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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guitar store in Glendale AZ?

Our selection of top-brand music and sound is second to none - we stock the latest and greatest from all of the top brands in guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, pro sound, dj and band and orchestral instruments.

Where is the best place to buy a guitar?

“Classic guitar store vibe but with better service. Compared to guitar stores 20 years ago when you” more 6. The Trading Musician “I bought my first guitar here. Great store. Staff was really helpful and imformative. However, I” more 7. Georgetown Music Store “All fellow guitar players, please note this message.

Which is the best guitar store in Seattle?

“ threw in a free penny whistle. I will never go to another guitar store, even if I move away from Seattle. Go Dusty String! *heart*” more 4. Thunder Road Guitars “ loaded with gorgeous guitars, many vintage and unusual ones that you won't find at the big-box guitar ” more 5. American Music “Classic guitar store vibe but with better service.

Which is the best guitar store west of the Mississippi?

McCabe’s has the best luthiers west of the Mississippi (probably east too). Here at McCabe’s, we’ve taught tens of thousands of aspiring (and inspiring) musicians how to play, and we can teach you, too! Our in-store lessons are temporarily suspended during the pandemic but our teachers are still available for remote lessons.

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