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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good worksheets for music theory?

Transpose Chords Arpeggios Modes Music Theory Worksheets Finally! Here are some music theory worksheets you can download and print. These will range from the most basic beginner level to more advanced challenges. Just a few things to test your knowledge of all things music. How to Use These Worksheets

Which is the best site to learn music theory? jam-packs our colorful and professionally designed music theory resources with strategies that help kids learn best. Browse our collection of worksheets, flash cards and games to discover why we're the #1 site in elementary music education.

Why is it important to learn note names in music theory?

The ability to quickly identify notes is critical for playing music and is a foundational skill for all future music theory studies. But learning the note names can take a long time–students are essentially learning a new language. In each lesson, dedicate time for learning note names and consider sending home assignments.

How do you play keynote in music theory?

Place all tokens on the same wedge and player 1 rolls the die and moves that number of spaces around the circle. The student then has 30 seconds to play the keynote that corresponds to that section of the circle. If she answers correctly, she gets to write her initials in the space.

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