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What do you need to know about mutual accountability?

what is mutual accountability? Mutual accountability is a process by which two (or multiple) partners agree to be held responsible for the commitments that they have voluntarily made to each other. t relies on trust and partnership around shared agendas rather than on rather than on hard sanctions for sanctions for

What is the definition of accountable by Merriam-Webster? Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 16 Sep. 2021. 1 : required to explain actions or decisions The mayor is accountable to the city's residents. 2 : responsible sense 1 You're accountable for your mistakes.

What makes a team high in mutual accountability?

Rather than being individuals trying to protect their own space, the team high in mutual accountability can be characterised by individuals regularly asking themselves and each other, “how can we work together to get the most out of each other?”

How is mutual accountability a hallmark of team discipline?

Indeed, mutual accountability for shared purpose and goals may be the hallmark of the team discipline .” (Katzenbach and Smith. The Discipline of Teams) It takes some mindset adjusting to begin with, but eventually all individuals on the team think “TEAM PERFORMANCE FIRST, INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS SECOND”.

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