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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account to start selling on eBay?

Part 1 of 6: Getting Started on eBay Explore the site a bit. To find eBay, simply use your favorite search engine and type in eBay. ... Decide on a good account name. eBay can provide you with a name, but if you come up with an attractive name, it can increase the chances of selling. Create an eBay account. ... Set up your payment method. ... Build your reputation by buying a few small items. ... More items...

How does eBay work for sellers?

Sellers create listings for the items they want to sell. Anyone with an eBay account can sell items on the site. You do need to confirm your address and telephone number and set up an automatic payment method for fees before selling.

Why should I Sell on eBay?

Why Every Webstore Owner Should Sell on eBay: 1. Ebay can be an additional revenue stream for your business. 2. eBay can be used to drive more website traffic. 3. eBay can be used to build your brand. 4. Customers trust eBay. 5. eBay is leading the mobile shopping age.

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