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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Christian churches pension plan right for You?

For those who have devoted their lives vocationally in service to Christ, the Christian Churches Pension Plan is a reliable part of a diversified and secure financial retirement strategy.

How do I log-in to my pension fund account?

My Account Log In If you've already received a Welcome Email from Pension Fundand have previously accessed the new portal, you can log-in below. If you've not previously received a Welcome Email from Pension Fund or are unsureif you have access, please call our Member Relations Team at 866.495.7322 to verify your identity and request access.

What did the Pension Fund Board of directors do in 2021?

SECURE. RETIREMENT OPTIONS. Pension Fund’s Board of Directors met virtually April 21-25, 2021. In addition to receiving updates on the decentralized operation of the fund and continued plans for risk mitigation, the board awarded the largest total dollar Special Apportionment in the organization’s history.

How do I contact the pension fund of Indiana?

Main Office. Phone: 866.495.7322 Fax: 317.634.4071 Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6251, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6251 Physical Address*: 1099 N. Meridian St., Ste. 720, Indianapolis, IN 46204 * For shipping packages or overnight mail.

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