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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myeras application for residency?

MyERAS® Application for Residency Applicants | AAMC MyERAS® Application for Residency Applicants The MyERAS® application is the form you will use to enter information about yourself. You will submit the MyERAS application along with your supporting documents when you apply to programs.

How do I view the myeras application as a PDF?

The MyERAS application can be viewed as a PDF version of the information entered in MyERAS by selecting View/Print MyERAS Application located on the Application section on the Dashboard and top-right area of every page under the Application section. This allows you to see how the contents of the MyERAS application will be displayed to programs.

Can I change information in the myeras web application?

Information in each section of the MyERAS application can be stored individually. You may change information in their MyERAS application at any time prior to certifying and submitting. The ERAS HelpDesk is available to assist all applicants with technical support regarding inquires and issues related to the MyERAS web application.

How do I apply to myeras?

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)- contact the ERAS Support Services at ECFMG. After obtaining your token from your Designated Dean's Office, you will register in the MyERAS application. Use the checklist and worksheet to determine what type of information you will need to gather to complete your application.

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