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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the myeras® application?

The MyERAS® application is the form you will use to enter information about yourself. You will submit the MyERAS application along with your supporting documents when you apply to programs. Programs will use the information in your MyERAS application to determine if you are an eligible candidate for their program. Using the MyERAS Application

How do I find omissions on the myeras application?

Use the Application section on the Dashboard to locate high-level omissions (e.g., major sections that were not saved). The MyERAS application does not include a spell or grammar check feature. You cannot apply to programs until your application has been certified and submitted.

How do I participate in a myeras match?

ERAS is a separate entity and does not provide matching services. If you intend to participate in a Match, you must contact that organization for registration, eligibility and participation information (AOA, Military, NRMP, San Francisco or Urology). 1. Go to 2.

How do I get a myeras token?

To access MyERAS, first contact your Designated Dean’s Office; they will issue you an ERAS token, which is a one-time access code used to register on MyERAS. Each Designated Dean’s Office establishes their own token distribution procedures for residency applicants using ERAS.

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