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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Myers Briggs personality traits?

Myers Briggs is a popular personality testing that places people into 1 of 16 personalities. These personalities are based on four spectrums: introversion to extroversion, sensing to intuition, thinking to feeling, and judging to perceiving.

How many Myers Briggs personality types do you have?

Myers & Briggs' 16 Personality Types INFP. INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. ... INFJ. INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential. ISFJ. ISFJs are industrious caretakers, loyal to traditions and organizations. ... ISTJ. ...

What was Jesus' Myers Briggs personality type?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire was created as a systematic approach to classifying people's personality based on categories originally proposed by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The Mormon Matters website has a completely charming article that attempts to analyse Jesus' personality in terms of the Myers-Briggs types and concludes he's an INFP - an Introverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Perceiving type.

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