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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you dont know your Mississippi State University password?

If you do not know your password, please contact the student who gave you access and ask them to reset your password. Once your password is reset, you will receive an email notification which will provide a link allowing you to re-create your password.

What can I do with MyState mobile at MSU?

Learn about upcoming events, find your way around campus, and keep up with the latest in news and sports. Check your grades and schedule, and register for classes from your smartphone or tablet. myState Mobile provides information and resources that will help you Ring True at MSU.

Is There Something For every student at Mississippi State University?

There's something for every student at Mississippi State. Image Alternative Text: A student in military fatigues work on his laptop in front of a window on campus. Mississippi State Online is recognizing the academic excellence of the university’s online students through a charter of the Omega Nu Lambda National…

Where is the service desk at MS state?

The Service Desk is located at 108 Allen Hall and can be reached by telephone at 662-325-0631 or 888-398-6394, by email at [email protected], and via the web at Service Desk. To ensure your privacy and security, you should use the 'Exit' link (located in the top right corner of each page) to exit from the system when you are finished.

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