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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is mystic stamps?

Established in 1923, Mystic is the largest buyers of stamps and stamp collections in the US and a major buyer of coins. We spent over $70 million dollars in the past five years.

What do you think about mymystic?

Mystic has a role to play in stamp collecting. These days, when most of the local stamp shops are gone, there's not many places with the comprehensive catalog of supplies and stamps that Mystic has. They also do a nice job with products and offers to bring new collectors into the hobby, something I think is really important.

What is the rarest United States stamp?

The Franklin Z Grill, featured by the Mystic Stamp Co. in its advertising. The Mystic Stamp Company, based in Camden, New York, since 1923, is a mail-order postage stamp dealer, one of the largest in operation and notable for both its promotion of stamp collecting as a hobby and for its acquisition of the Z Grill, the rarest United States stamp.

How are stamps sold?

Like most stamp dealers, sales of stamps and postal products are made through printed catalogs as well as an online catalog that have the details of all the current stamps on offer. In 1974 Mystic Stamp Co. was acquired by Maynard and Fannie Sundman, owners of Littleton Coin Company.

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