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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mysticism and how does it work?

Mysticism thus becomes seen as a personal matter of cultivating inner states of tranquility and equanimity, which, rather than seeking to transform the world, serve to accommodate the individual to the status quo through the alleviation of anxiety and stress.

Are mystic experiences knowledge-granting?

Under the influence of William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience, philosophical interest in mysticism has been heavy in distinctive, allegedly knowledge-granting “mystical experiences.”

What is the meaning of mystical illumination?

According to James R. Horne, mystical illumination is "a central visionary experience [...] that results in the resolution of a personal or religious problem. According to Evelyn Underhill, illumination is a generic English term for the phenomenon of mysticism.

Are mystical traditions necessary to induce mystical experiences?

Most mystical traditions warn against an attachment to mystical experiences, and offer a "protective and hermeneutic framework" to accommodate these experiences. These same traditions offer the means to induce mystical experiences, which may have several origins:

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