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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a characteristic of a narrative rationality?

Narrative rationality requires coherence and fidelity, which contribute to judgments about reasons. Narrative coherence is the degree to which a story makes sense. Coherent stories are internally consistent, with sufficient detail, strong characters, and free of significant surprises.

How is the rationality of a story determined?

1. People are essentially storytellers. 2. we make decisions on the basis of good reasons which vary depending on the communication situation, media and genre. 3. History, biography, culture, and character determine what we consider good reasons. 4. Narrative rationality is determined by the coherence and fidelity of our stories.

What makes a story rational in the narrative paradigm?

Although people claim that their decisions are rational, incorporating history, culture, and perceptions about the other people involved, all of these are subjective and incompletely understood. Narrative rationality requires stories to be probable, coherent and to exhibit fidelity.

Which is the best definition of narrative probability?

narrative probability: that the tale hangs together as a good story (it is well told, believable, credible and the like) narrative fidelity: that it meets the tests for reason and values proposed in the logic of good reasons; that the story "resonates" with soundness.

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