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Frequently Asked Questions

Who becomes the Seventh Hokage in Naruto?

Tsunade is the 5th Hokage. Kakashi becomes the 6th because 1) he did great job and he gained popularity, and 2) Naruto was very young. Then, Naruto becomes the 7th Hokage. I think that Kakashi was a really good Hokage.

Is Naruto is real ninja?

Naruto is one of the strongest ninja to ever exist, and these 10 instances are here to prove it. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most well-known characters in the world. He is the current Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Naruto's reputation increased a lot after he helped the Shinobi Alliance to win the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Is Naruto an S class ninja?

Zabuza and Haku Naruto Zabuza is an S-class Rogue Ninja in the "Property of Water's Hidden Mist Village". It is along with the master and instructor of Haku Yuki in Naruto. Zabuza was born at the Hidden Mist Village.

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