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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for affairs?

Synonyms for affairs. circumstances, episodes, events, happenings, haps, incidents, occasions, occurrences,

What happened to national affairs?

Throughout its four decades of publication, ending in 2005, it offered incomparable insight and wisdom on a vast range of challenges at the intersection of public affairs, culture, and political economy—helping America better understand and govern itself in a tumultuous time. National Affairs now hosts its archives, free of charge.

What is another word for National?

other words for national. MOST RELEVANT. civil. communal. domestic. ethnic. governmental. internal. interstate.

Is this a family matter or a national affair?

This is a family matter, not a national affair. Parliament has become increasingly important in the management of national affairs, particularly in drafting legislation and managing resources. We further resolve to strengthen respect for the rule of law in international as in national affairs. We'll all die'cuz of the bloody nation's affairs.

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