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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they play the national anthem at NASCAR races in Canada?

Yes they do play the US National Anthem at most larger Canadian races that attract US racers, they would have done that today just before the eliminations at Doorwarz at Mission Raceway. Trivia, Earl Ross, the only Canadian to have won a Winston Cup race died recently. He won by more than a lap over Buddy Baker.

Why is the Canadian national anthem so popular in New York?

In New York it is normal for sports to have the Canadian anthem as well because a lot of people travel from Canada to New York for everything from NASCAR to Ice Hockey, the Buffalo Sabers have a huge fan base that is Canadian, it’s American hospitality.

Where is the national anthem sung in Canada?

It is always sung at an NHL game in Montreal when a USA team is playing. And pretty much any major sporting event in Canada where there are US teams playing. I`m surprised this is an issue for you.

Is there any harm in having a NASCAR fan in Canada?

There is a majority of Canadian fans, NASCAR appreciates it and so do Canadians. Not really any harm there is there? including an untold number of my relatives on each side of the border.

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