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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will sing the national anthem at the NASCAR championship race?

The sanctioning body has revealed that Kristin Chenoweth will perform the national anthem prior to the NASCAR Cup Series championship race on Sunday, November 7 (3 p.m. ET, NBC and Peacock).

Is there any harm in having a NASCAR fan in Canada?

There is a majority of Canadian fans, NASCAR appreciates it and so do Canadians. Not really any harm there is there? including an untold number of my relatives on each side of the border.

Where is the national anthem sung in Canada?

It is always sung at an NHL game in Montreal when a USA team is playing. And pretty much any major sporting event in Canada where there are US teams playing. I`m surprised this is an issue for you.

Which NASCAR drivers performed at burnouts on Broadway in Nashville?

Team Penske drivers Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski performed their Burnouts on Broadway altogether in Nashville, Tennessee. Logano and Keselowski continued the show afterward, too. Kurt Busch lets it rip and puts on a show during Burnouts on Broadway in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

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