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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the National Archives in DC?

The National Archives is located in downtown Washington, DC at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. The research entrance is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, and the museum entrance is located on Constitution Avenue.

What documents are at the National Archive?

The National Archives and Records Administration preserves U.S. government records, manages the Presidential Libraries system, and publishes laws, regulations, Presidential, and other public documents.

Is the National Archives open?

The National Archives Store is open daily, 10 a.m. to closing. The Charters Café is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. A small seating area with vending machines and an ATM is open all day. Photography is prohibited in all exhibition areas .

What is the National Cemetery in Washington DC?

The best known national cemetery is Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Some national cemeteries, especially Arlington, contain the graves of important civilian leaders and other important national figures. Some national cemeteries also contain sections for Confederate soldiers.

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