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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is ESPN on Cox?

In Lincoln, ESPNU can be found on channel 235(SD)/112(HD), while in Omaha on Cox Communications it is channel 220(SD)/737(HD). For satellite customers ESPNU is DirecTV channel 208 and is channel 141 on DISH Network channel 12.

What channel is National Geographic on optimum?

The listed channels for National Geographic on Optimum in New Jersey are 158 (NatGeo Wild-HD), 162 (HD), and 726.

What channel is Cox Cable on?

Golf Channel in Cox cable in Las Vegas, NV area is channel number 339, channel 781 for High Definition Service - Cox Cable Channels.

What are National Geographic channels?

National Geographic Channel. The National Geographic Channel is an educational channel dedicated to presenting our world to us: its history, nature, people, and technologies. Each show that airs on the channel is aimed to educating its audience on some aspect of the human experience.

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