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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you forecast a hurricane?

Scientists predict hurricanes by gathering statistics to predict them on a seasonal basis, and by tracking it three to five days in advance once its path begins. It is possible to predict hurricanes up to a week in advance but, because of technical limitations, these predictions are sometimes incorrect.

Where is the National Hurricane Center located?

"The National Hurricane Center is co-located with the Miami National Weather Service Forecast Office on the main campus of Florida International University at 11691 S.W. 17th Street, Miami, Florida. This location is about 12 miles west of downtown Miami and 8 miles southwest of Miami International Airport."

Is there a storm in the Gulf of Mexico?

A tropical storm could form in the Gulf of Mexico by early next week. Although there is presently no organized weather system in the area of concern in the Caribbean, models have consistently predicted storm development in the region, which then drifts into the Gulf of Mexico next week.

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