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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the forecast for Tropical Storm Henri?

NHC NHC's forecast for Henri as of 5 p.m. Eastern. The National Hurricane Center has released weather updates for Tropical Storm Henri on August 20, 2021. These updates include new watch and warning areas, along with predictions for the storm that is anticipated to become a hurricane before landfall.

Where is Hurricane Henri now?

The system is located 190 miles off the coast and moving north-northeast at 14 miles per hour. The good news for us: Henri will stay out to sea. The system will continue to cause high rip currents on the coast, but its rain and wind will remain offshore until Sunday or Monday when it arrives in the Northeastern United States.

Where are hurricane watches and warnings issued for Hurricane Henri?

© National Weather Service The highlighted areas show where hurricane watches have been issued as Henri is expected to move into the northeast this weekend. The NWS has issued hurricane watches for parts of southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. Hurricane warnings were issued for parts of coastal Connecticut.

Is there damage from Tropical Storm Henri in Rhode Island?

9 a.m.: Damage reports are now coming in for parts of Rhode Island as Tropical Storm Henri continues to deliver heavy wind gusts and rain across the state before traveling Martha’s Vineyard at 40 mph. First damage reports coming in from RI, winds gusting to 40mph on the Vineyard now.

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