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Frequently Asked Questions

How many storage centres does National storage have in Australia?

National Storage is one of Australia’s largest self-storage providers, tailoring self-storage solutions to over 60,000 residential and commercial customers at 170+ storage centres across Australia and New Zealand.

Who is the largest self storage provider in Australia?

National Storage is Australasia’s largest self-storage provider, tailoring self-storage solutions to residential and commercial customers. Click "Allow" so we can use your location.

Why do I need a national storage unit?

National Storage can tailor a short-term self-storage solution that suits you. Keeping your furniture secure and out of the way is easy when you have a clean and convenient storage unit. Why might I need units for storage? There are many reasons storage could benefit you for a temporary or ongoing period.

Do you need to decultter National Storage Australia?

Click "Allow" so we can use your location. We provide a wide range of storage solutions, including storage units for individuals, families, businesses and those with specialist storage needs. Do you need to decultter?

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