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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the National storage centre in Cairns safe?

Our centre has been been approved by Cairns City Council as a Q100 flood level centre, meaning we have never been impacted by floods. This centre is extremely convenient as well as secure, offering 24 hour CCTV coverage and personal alarms on each unit, giving you maximum security coverage while your goods are at their new home away from home.

Where can I store my car in Cairns?

Whether you need long-term or short-term vehicle storage, Our Cairns car storage facility will help you to keep your wheels as good as new. Tell us more about your storage needs, and complete the form below.

Where is the National storage centre in Edmonton?

National Storage Edmonton is based on 55 Hargreaves Street. For more options, we have our National Storage Earville centre based 10 minutes away. Suburbs near this location…

What do you need to know about national storage?

Car, boat and caravan storage : National Storage offers vehicle storage solutions so you can keep your car, caravan, boat or motorcycle secure and out of the way while you’re not using it. Furniture storage : Need somewhere to keep your spare mattress or the antique dressing table that’s been in your family for generations?

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