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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there mobile storage rentals for national construction?

National Construction Rentals can provide you with all types of mobile storage. You can utilize high-quality, heavy-duty mobile storage containers.

How much does it cost to rent a storage container?

They are very large, so they can hold a lot of your equipment on site. Total capacity is 2,560 cubic ft. Average cost for a 40' storage container rental is about $140 to $180 per month. Dimensions: 20'L x 8'W x 8'H. Total capacity is 1,280 cubic ft. Average cost for a 20' storage container rental is about $100 to $150 per month.

Which is the best place to rent shipping containers?

DefPro Containers is the number one source for customers to rent shipping containers on-line. Our top priority since day one has been to make it easy for customers to find the right container at the right price. Here's a couple reasons that make the ultimate source for container rentals:

Are there custom storage units available for rent?

In most cases, our local suppliers have custom units available for rent. It depends on the customization that you are looking for as some of them are popular while others are more rare. Some custom options include advanced locking systems, interior shelves and racks, different door types (roll up), additional doors, and ventilation.

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