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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about national storage?

Grab your team and head to a National Storage meeting room. If you need a hand moving, we have forklifts, mechanical lifting devices and drivers available for your use. Pallet jacks, trolleys, goods lifts, PLUS wifi and power connectivity.

Can a moving truck be hired by National Storage?

National Storage can arrange moving truck and trailer hire for a smoother move. Take the hassle out of shipping and let us receive, send and hold deliveries on your behalf. Are you in search of the perfect off-site spot?

Why is the NSM the National storage mechanism?

We will upload all prospectuses we approve to the NSM as it is the national storage mechanism for regulatory announcements and certain documents issuers publish. We are not responsible for any concerns that may arise from the prospectus being made public via the NSM.

How to pay your national self storage bill?

Log in to your National Self Storage account to pay your bill and review storage unit information. Storage Locations Storage Types Storage Tips Size Guide Blog Pay Bill Account InformationDocument CenterAccount SettingsAdd a space to this accountLogin

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