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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of National Storage REIT?

National Storage REIT (NSR) is a self-storage owner/operator. NSR has 116 Storage centers under operation or management which provides tailoring storage solutions to 40000 customers across Australia and New Zealand. NSR now manages over 65,400 storage units across approximately 622,000 sqm.

How many storage centres does National storage have in Australia?

National Storage is one of Australia’s largest self-storage providers, tailoring self-storage solutions to over 60,000 residential and commercial customers at 170+ storage centres across Australia and New Zealand.

How is National Storage doing in the market?

Throughout its history, National Storage has acquired numerous storage centres and continues to pursue opportunities for acquisition in both Australia and New Zealand. The National Storage share price has remained largely flat for much of the time since listing and fell 40% during the March 2020 bear market before making a partial recovery.

Do you have to pay for National Storage?

At National Storage, we believe you should only pay for what you actually need. By understanding your timeframe and the items you’d like to keep safe, our storage experts determine the perfect unit for you. We’ll do whatever we can to make moving and storage easy for you.

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