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Frequently Asked Questions

When was National Storage REIT formed in Australia?

National Storage REIT was formed in December 2013 and is Australia’s first publicly listed, internally managed and fully integrated owner and operator of self-storage centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Where can I find National Storage REIT disclosure report?

It should be read in conjunction with National Storage REIT’s other periodic and continuous disclosure reports and announcements lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange, which are available on this website and at

Who is the largest self storage REIT in South Africa?

Stor-Age Property REIT Limited (“Stor-Age”), a fully integrated and internally managed real estate investment trust (“REIT”), is the leading and largest self storage property fund and brand in South Africa.

Who is the Managing Director of national storage?

In conjunction with our 1HFY21 Results Presentation, we invite you to join our Managing Director Andrew Catsoulis for the National Storage 2021 Virtual Investor Tour as we explore five of our most recent acquisitions, developments and expansions across Queensland. This promotional video is current at publication on 23 February 2021.

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