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Frequently Asked Questions

When was National Storage REIT formed in Australia?

National Storage REIT was formed in December 2013 and is Australia’s first publicly listed, internally managed and fully integrated owner and operator of self-storage centres in Australia and New Zealand.

What does it mean to be a Self Storage REIT?

Self-storage REITs. Self-storage REITs own and manage storage facilities and collect rent from customers. Self-storage REITs rent space to both individuals and businesses.

How many storage centres does National storage have in Australia?

National Storage is one of Australia’s largest self-storage providers, tailoring self-storage solutions to over 60,000 residential and commercial customers at 170+ storage centres across Australia and New Zealand.

What does National Storage affiliates Trust ( NSA ) do?

National Storage Affiliates is a self-administered, self-managed real estate investment trust, dedicated to the ownership, operation and acquisition of high quality self storage facilities located within high growth markets. Why Invest in Self Storage? Why Invest in NSA?

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