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Frequently Asked Questions

How do sportsbook bonuses work?

Normally, that the sportsbook will pay the customer as if it was a regular bet. So, with the regular odds being even, the winner would receive the original $100 bet plus the $100 in winnings. The remaining bonus portion, which in this case would be $400, would be treated as any other bonus.

What are the welcome bonus offers for sports betting?

The vast majority of sports betting sites provide attractive betting sign-up offers in an effort to tempt new customers. These are the key welcome bonus offers that you should familiarize yourself with. You generally have to deposit some of your own money into a new account before you can unlock a sports betting bonus. This is called a match bonus.

Which online sportsbooks offer a match bonus in Indiana?

Deposit match bonuses are available at various legal online sportsbooks in Indiana. BetRivers Sportsbook offers a 100% match bonus on first deposits, up to $250. This means that upon an initial deposit of up to $250 on the platform, BetRivers matches with up to $250 in bonus funds.

What are the best betting sites with cash bonuses?

Bookmaker and Bovada are examples of leading betting sites that offer a cash bonus. Other top sportsbooks such as BetOnline will provide a free play bonus, meaning you do not keep the stake if your bonus bet is successful. You only keep your profit.

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