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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nautical words?

50 Nautical Terms in General Use Aboard: on a vessel (assisting or in sympathy with) Aboveboard: above the deck (out in the open, honest) Adrift: not tied or secured (acting or living without purpose) Aground: resting on the seafloor on shore (halted by circumstances) More items...

What is the definition of nautical?

The definition of nautical is relating to ships, sailing, navigation on the water. An example of nautical used as an adjective is the phrase "nautical breeze" which means a breeze coming from the sea.

What are nautical terms?

Definition of nautical : of, relating to, or associated with seamen, navigation, or ships a dictionary of nautical terms nautical flags nautical skills : of or relating to sailors, navigation, or ships

What is nautical style?

Nautical Style. Nautical refers to the sea and to ships. There is a romantic image of life on the sea reflected in a navy jacket with brass buttons, a crisp white sailor's uniform, a sou'wester hat and yellow slicker, or a fisherman's sweater.

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