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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NASA fastener Design Manual?

Other related chapters from the NASA "Fastener Design Manual" can be seen to the right. This manual was written for design engineers to enable them to choose appropriate fasteners for their designs.

What are the supplemental manuals for the Navy?

These supplemental manuals contain general information for their respective application of topic and should be consulted first. For Navy, refer to the applicable aircraft specific or system specific technical manuals and Maintenance Requirements Cards (MRCs). v TO 1-1A-1 NAVAIR 01-1A-1 Table 1.

What types of fasteners are covered in this to?

Some of these types are covered in this TO: Dzus, Camloc, and Airloc (refer to Chapter 5, Fasteners). Consult TO 1-1A-8, Engineering Manual Series Aircraft and Missile Repair Structural Hard- ware, for additional information about fasteners. 3.6.1 Fastener fatigue failure accounts for the majority of all load transfer problems.

What is Chapter 5 of 5 fasteners?

CHAPTER 5 FASTENERS 5.1 GENERAL. Many types of fasteners are used in aircraft maintenance. This chapter addresses fasteners primarily in terms of definitions and general use.

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