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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to NBC Connecticut anchor Kerri Lee Mayland?

CONNECTICUT — NBC Connecticut anchor Kerri Lee Mayland is taking a break from broadcasting to deal with an undisclosed health issue, she announced on social media this week.

What's new at nbcconnecticut?

Welcome to the new! As you can see, we've given the site a facelift overnight -- our desktop and mobile sites look completely different this morning than they did last night. Not only that, but they're powered by a brand new back end. This new site is designed with the user in mind.

Will NBC Connecticut continue to build its digital platforms?

Let us know. We're determined to continue to build our digital platforms to make NBC Connecticut the best local news experience.

Why did Kelly Ripa join NBC Connecticut?

When the balance of work and family became something she and her husband, Kirt, wanted to put at the forefront, she joined NBC Connecticut to be near family and to expand her own family. She had her second child, Katalina, in 2011, and like her older brother Van, both kids were born in the nation’s first hospital established by Ben Franklin.

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