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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a NCT centre in South Kilkenny?

The newly installed lifts will be used primarily for drivers who are due to undergo a Driving Test, NCT Taxi roadworthiness test and cars up for sale through car dealerships. The NCT centre in Waterford, used by many people in South Kilkenny, is one of the 14 centres with new lifts and has resumed full testing.

Where can I book a NCT in Dublin?

Fax: (01) 413-5982 (please remember to quote your booking ID and telephone number, if available). Postal bookings: The Booking Department National Car Testing Service Ltd Citywest Business Campus Lake Drive 3026 Naas Road Dublin 24 If writing, please remember to quote your booking ID and telephone number, if available.

How much does a NCT test cost in Ireland?

There are 47 NCT test centres located throughout Ireland established solely for the purposes of private vehicle testing. Find the centre that is most convenient to you. The NCT fee for a full test is €55 and a re-test costs €28 (both fees are inclusive of VAT and maybe subject to change).

Where is the NCT registered office in Ireland?

National Car Testing Service Registered Office, Lakedrive 3026, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24 All rights reserved. © Applus+ Inspection Services Ireland Limited. ISO 17020 accredited for the conduct of the NCT Follow us here Cookies & Privacy Policy

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