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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has the most Walmart stores?

Here Are The 10 States That Spend The Most At Walmart. The birthplace of Walmart, Arkansas, at number three, has the highest concentration of stores: approximately 1 for every 22,500 residents. Its residents also spend the greatest share of their incomes at Walmart. Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri,...

When does Walmart near me open?

Except for all the 24 hour Walmart Stores, walmart hours for their non-24 hour locations generally start very early in the morning at 6 am. Most Walmart stores remain open at least till Midnight.

Where is the smallest Walmart store located?

The world’s smallest Walmart is located on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville. The store is about 3,500 square feet of retail space, it replaces the former campus health center pharmacy. Address and contact details:

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