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Frequently Asked Questions

What are needed and how to obtain them?

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them? To begin you will want to understand exactly what resources are needed and how to obtain them.

What can resources for living do for You?

Find help fast with Resources For Living®. Our Resources For Living program helps you better manage your needs, or those of a loved one. It gives you access to caring consultants who help you find services and resources in your community. And it’s available at no extra cost to you.

How to contact local services resources for living?

Fast referrals to local services Resources For Living is available to all Aetna Medicare Advantage 1 plan members and their caregivers — and it’s easy to use. Simply call and tell us what you’re looking for and our consultants will research and give you options. The call is free.

How are natural resources used in everyday life?

Buildings you enter, pathways you stroll and roads you drive are made with natural resources such as rock, clay and asphalt. You wear jewelry crafted from gold, platinum and gemstones, and buy goods with coins made from nickel, copper and silver.

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