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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does SYM Motors make cars and motorcycles?

It has three major production bases in Taiwan, China and Vietnam, manufactures and sells scooters, motorcycles and ATVs under the SYM brand, while it also manufactures automobiles and mini-trucks under the Hyundai brand. Since it began, the company has produced more than 800 thousand automobiles and 16 million scooters and motorcycles.

How to use SYM to access an element of a matrix?

To access an element of a matrix, use parentheses. Create a 2-by-2-by-2 symbolic array with automatically generated elements . Convert numeric values to symbolic numbers or expressions. Use sym on subexpressions instead of the entire expression for better accuracy.

When did Tomos start selling SYM Motors in the US?

In 2004 Tomos USA negotiated with Sanyang for exclusive sales in the US, but the deal was called off later due to some disagreement on contact details. Sanyang later cooperated with Carter Brothers Mfg. Co. Inc for its sales in the US.

When does Sym use floating point to rational mode?

When sym uses the floating-point to rational mode, it returns the symbolic form for all values in the form N*2^e or -N*2^e, where N >= 0 and e are integers. The returned symbolic number is a precise rational number that is equal to the floating-point value.

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