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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a Nest Thermostat?

How to Install the Nest Thermostat What you’ll need: 1. Turn off power to your thermostat. 2. Label the wires leading into your old thermostat. 3. Remove your old thermostat. 4. Mark the position of the Nest. 5. Install the trim plate (optional). 6. Attach the Nest base to the wall. 7. Connect the wires to the Nest. 8. Attach the Nest display.

What is the function of a Nest Thermostat?

The Nest Thermostat is a one kind of an electronic, programmable, and Wi-Fi-enabled device. Nest thermostat enhances cooling and heating of homes and offices to conserve energy.

How do you wire a heat pump?

Insert the high voltage wire through the hole on the side of the heat pump unit which is called a electrical knockout. Once wires are through the knockout use a electrical connector to secure them. High voltage wire should be sized from manufacturer's recommendation for heat pump's size and length of wire.

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