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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put fertilizer in a Netafim drip system?

FERTILIZER INJECTION SYSTEM The system (Figure 4) is designed to supply fertilizer to all irrigation blocks using either an automated system or a simple injection pump. Please consult a Netafim USA Dealer to determine which fertilizers may be safely applied through the drip system.

What is Netafim™?

Punches and tools To facilitate the installation and the current maintenance of the irrigation system, Netafim™ offers a variety of dedicated tools for ease of work and prevention of damage to the system components. DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM OVERVIEW

What is a fertilizer injector?

• Fertilizer Injector - injects fertilizer chemicals into the system for maximum crop performance and to maintain the dripline over the long term. • Pipeline headers, control and air release vents complete the system. Our intent is not to describe the process of system design in detail.

Why choose netnetafim drip irrigation systems?

Netafim’s agricultural drip irrigation systems are designed to meet your needs by enabling more precise, automated control over your irrigation. Water shortages are increasing globally, and the shift to using sustainable practices is the only way forward.

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