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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the gkcu rate on netbranch?

GKCU rates at 2.49%APR with auto pay PLUS cash back (subject to credit and terms). As Local as Local Can Get. You Can Join. You Can Own. You Can Save!

Who is the credit union for Georgetown Kraft?

National Credit Union Administration Equal Housing Lender GEORGETOWN KRAFT CREDIT UNION Member Service #: 843-546-8494 Copyright ©2021 Fiserv, Inc. All rights reserved.

What does it mean to have share account at gkcu?

As a financial cooperative, all GKCU members (in good standing) have an equal ownership; this ownership is represented by your Savings, or Share, Account. When you open your savings / share account at GKCU, this affords you access to all the other products and services available to you as a member.

Where can I apply for a gkcu loan?

For more information about any of the loans we offer, apply online or stop by any GKCU branch to talk to a loan officer today. (Loans are subject to individual credit approval and rates and terms vary based on credit history and GKCU lending policies.)

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