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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Netflix raising prices?

Netflix's stated goal for raising prices is to allow them to acquire additional content and improve their streaming offering. This is part of it, but the real reason Netflix is raising prices is to test the waters of a price increase for the first time since the Quikster disaster in 2011.

Did Netflix raise their prices?

Netflix is raising its prices for the first time in two years, increasing the cost of its most popular plan by $1 to $10.99 monthly. Subscribers of the $11.99 premium plan, which lets you run Netflix on four screens (instead of the standard plan's two) and get 4K video, will see an increase of $2 to $13.99.

How much does Netflix pay?

If you just want to stream movies directly from Netflix to your TV, you will pay $7.99/month. If you also want DVDs sent to your home, your monthly fee will be $17.99.

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