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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is network and sharing center in Windows 10?

There are multiple ways you can access Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10. Open the Windows Settings app by pressing “Win + I” keys on your keyboard. And navigate to “Network and Internet” settings. Scroll down the status and click the “Network and Sharing Center” link.

How to setup network settings?

Configuring your Network Settings From the Dashboard, select Settings , and then select System . Select Network Settings . If you are prompted to select a wireless network, follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to step 4.Select the name of your wireless network.Enter your wireless network password and select Done . The console will automatically try connecting to Xbox Live. Note If you do not see the name ...Select Configure Network .On the Basic Settings tab, select Wireless Mode . Note If wireless mode is not available and you're using the black Wireless N Networking ... See More....

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